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Message Subject The Moon: Seriously, no Revisitations in 4+ decades?
Poster Handle Rose
Post Content
The government is a body of deceit to control the mind and enslave the collective consciousness. Most believe we landed on the moon because they saw it on TV. Therein lies the problem when government has no credibility.

The accepted rule applied to debating is that if you lie.... repeatedly or are proven wrong.... repeatedly, you lose all credibility in any argument.

Television is the single most powerful tool "they" use to shape our perception of reality.

The same tool utilised to fool us is defended by those it is corrupting.

The paradox is evident yet the ego prevails, this lends itself to the illusion being so powerful.

It may be possible to go to the moon.

The question of if we went in 1969 with the world in tow, watching this incredible feat in real time where absolutely anything could go wrong, rendering America the laughing stock of the planet is highly doubtful.

The fact we haven't returned, is because we never went in the first place.

It was a fantastic Hollywood production that did precisely what it was supposed to do..... deceive us in true government fashion.

For those who passionately covet the science and the NASA narrative of exactly how this feat was possible, that's beside the point. I'm not arguing that it's not possible, I just absolutely reject the belief that we went when the government said we did.

Then we move into the collage of discrepancies where 40+ years later, it's still the largest conspiracy to date.
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