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Langdon Auger, Caught up in "Island Nights"

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02/16/2013 01:42 AM

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Langdon Auger, Caught up in "Island Nights"
For those who may be unfamiliar with the name Langdon Auger, aka The A-U-G, let me take you back a few years. Born and raised in Victoria B.C., Langdon began making music in his basement in 1995. From '95 to '01 music was all fun and games for him, but with a little encouragement from close friends and family, the fun developed in to something life altering.
In 2001, Langdon Auger recorded his first album "Songs From the Hills". He only pressed up 300 copies to give out to his friends and family but the album is still currently unavailable to the public. Langdon says that he plans to re-master the album and place it on Bandcamp, along with his other albums. You can download Langdon Auger's entire discography or, discAUGraphy, for free or by donation, as he has just recently placed them all onto the Bandcamp website.

[link to www.westcoasttruth.com]