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Message Subject Ancient Aliens Debunked."they want you to believe its a hoax"
Poster Handle Holy_Diver
Post Content
@hole diver

You're evasiveness is DEFINITELY evident.

You have no evidence and you lost the debate.

If you are so happy with your evidence then present it.

Anything you claim to have has been thoroughly debunked.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34535801

If it makes you feel happy to announce I've lost a debate, that's fine, if that's how you like to live your life.

As I have said, I'm happy with the evidence I have been privvy to. I can't "Present" it to you because I do not personally own it, which makes your demands assinine, which is not suprising based on your behaviour. (But really, let's face it, if a person is so skewed that they cannot live their life openly and embrace their own homosexuality and act out on others with hatred and bigotry at the mere mention of same-sex fellatio, how can we expect such an individual to behave civilly?)

I don't care that I've "Lost a Debate" because I've lost nothing. The hand I hold is above your reproach, and I chuckle a bit at your foolish attempts to make me feel differently about it.

Even if I could "Present" it to you (I admit I am a bit curious how I might do that...) what would it benefit me?

As for what I have being debunked, I admit that Establishment can make any debunking claim it wants by playing shell games with facts and findings because they present and hide whatever they like, whenever they like, depending on their agenda.
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