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Message Subject Ancient Aliens Debunked."they want you to believe its a hoax"
Poster Handle Holy_Diver
Post Content
@hole diver


All of your roundabout bullshitting proves this.

Also research Von Daniken. He admitted he faked artifacts.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4426252

I have no need for Von Daniken, but let me ask you something....

Richard Nixon committed crimes as President of the United States.

Does that logically conclude that Richard Nixon was not President of the United States?

If VonDaniken wrote a series of books proposing Ancient Astronaut theory but also faked an artifact or two to gain some publicity for his material, does that invalidate all of the material?

Depdends, doesn't it? Depends on what was faked.

Since you're an asshat tool, I will tell you this...VonDaniken admitted to making replicas of artifacts he was allowed to see/hold for himself, but could not keep.

Doesn't sound so bad when you put it in it's proper context, does it?

Nevertheless, one does not need VonDaniken for Ancient "Aliens"

Now run along
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