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Message Subject Ancient Aliens Debunked."they want you to believe its a hoax"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Aliens= Fallen Angels
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32381683

Ah, but what exactly are fallen angels?

Where is Heaven?

What is God?

Is God God?

If God is not God, who/what is God?

Existence is the appearance and manifestation of Attributes on a spectrum, divided by a meridian, where spirit and conciousness exist on one half and matter and nonconciousness exist on the other.

The meridian, where they meet, physical worlds manifest in natural law and produce non-sentient life, or the animal kingdom.

So long as this style of world resides on the meridian, Spirit may take form and interact at will.

Should such a world fall off the merdian, for whatever reason, any manifested spirit, at that time, would become trapped from returning "Home" and would have to resort to manipulating pre-existing animal life in order to sustain it's physical existence until such a time as the Earth returns to the Meridian or rises above it.
 Quoting: Holy_Diver

Wow... how many new age "pagan" books did you have to read to figure that out? Is the bible really that bad you have to cling to this?
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