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Message Subject Ancient Aliens Debunked."they want you to believe its a hoax"
Poster Handle Powerman211
Post Content
Guys ancient aliens is wrong almost I'd say 98% of the time.
Real science is supposed to be skeptical. The people on ancient aliens believe humans could not accomplish anything by ourselves. Look pyramids are found most places because its a simple but strong shape a smart person would come up with that shape on their own. People are more than capable of figuring out most of the things they bring up pretty easily.
The show lied during he episode on NASA and the moon they said the astronauts heard a ringing sound when hey landed because the moon was hollow because there is a base inside.... No they didn't... sound does not carry in a vacuum. It's impossible. I know aliens exist in the universe. But no Einstein, Socrates, and Devinci For a fact did not get help from aliens. These people are so quick to believe in aliens coming trillions of light years to whisper into a guys ear but its completely impossible for humans to be bright enough to figure out some mysteries themselves? That makes no sense. They say they came here with warp tech or some other propulsion system we don't have yet but they then say humans saw alien rockets like we have now. We know for a fact it's So extremely unlikely they could use rockets to go from one star to another its not even productive to discuss that as possibility.

I believe in alien life as a certainty but ancient aliens on tv is not providing proof or even a good discussion start. The only thing they reported that I took seriously was when they reported on the dogong tribe and their myths.
I also was intrigued by the finding of The City of Dwarka. Pretty much everything else they say is shlock. For example if you bring cookies to a kindergarten class and some go missing instead thinking "the kids probably ate my cookies" instead they say Aliens from deep space snuck in to the room and took the cookies to experiment on them When our back was turned. I am a sound engineer/music producer. The first thing anyone who works with tech learns is when something goes wrong or something weird happens first look for the simplest thing first then work outward. Same for science first try to explain stuff rationally then if that fails open your mind to other possibilities.
I personally believe Atlantis was real and there are forgotten civilizations living here but I need proof of aliens giving random geniuses cheat sheets! I do believe in god also. My god is not a misunderstood flesh alien from another planet using hitech toys to prank the natives. God created us and the alien species as well. One belief does not need to preclude the other.
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