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Message Subject Ancient Aliens Debunked."they want you to believe its a hoax"
Poster Handle Powerman211
Post Content
The ancient aliens show is on now talking about humans couldn't build the pyramids by ourselves.... They are ignoring the FACT that the Egyptians WROTE everything Down. They wrote how the did it and why. It's a great deed but they were not living in caves. They were very intelligent and motivated. The were not slaves but were devoted to there king and their religion. Ancient aliens needs a news flash... They had engineers too. If the Egyptians had power tools where are the tools now or where are the power lines needed to carry the current. Where are the writings of ancient man using electricity. If anyone brings up dendara its not true and they know it. There would be proof all over the place. Tools would have been found beyond the Baghdad battery used for electroplating jewelry. Where are the levitating devices they say the people or aliens used. If the aliens used base camps wouldn't they have had garbage or something.
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