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Message Subject UFO Rock Carving in Australia Linked to Crash Site Legends and Artifacts
Poster Handle Aussie Pleiadian
Post Content
Original Consultation

After a solid day in scrub, we sat and rested on the verandah at ‘base camp’ and de-briefed. Still full of questions, we were soon joined by Aunty Beve, who at that stage knew nothing of what we had found that day or where. In perfect synchronicity, Aunty Beve revealed to us the story of star-people coming to this area.

Amazingly, we hadn’t even told her about the UFO pecking yet! And until now, Aunty Beve had never passed any comment on the topic of extra-terrestrials. But according to Darkinjung lore, not only did “they” come, and arrive in distress as Uncle Reuben has advised, their stricken-craft also crashed “in the waters at Bambara” in a location that “wasn’t the ocean.”

It instantly struck me! The huge UFO pecking is located on a small rock shelf more than 20 metres from the shore, overlooking the Brisbane Waters waterway.

Aunty Beve paused for a moment, searching her mind for the exact terminology for the vessel that crashed in the “waters” – the ancient words which had been passed on to her through countless generations. Finally – and never did we doubt it would occur – she recalled how the Elders spoke of this event: “Carriers from up there, that’s it!” She also made reference to this area being the “beginning place”, as she had done before. But in learning that the “carriers from up there“ crashed within a few kilometres of the 300 hieroglyphs, we also learn that extra-terrestrial beings and their craft were an integral part of the “beginning place” and its story.

[link to wakeup-world.com]
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