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Message Subject UFO Rock Carving in Australia Linked to Crash Site Legends and Artifacts
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
the australian aboriginal people's culture is devoid of sky gods and ufo's.

we have birds, clouds and and rainbows, but the land and water birthed our ancestors, some live in the sky, but none came from it.

there is no egyptian fucking tomb north of sydney anyone is investigating, more european attention seeking lies.

steve and evan strong are full of it, and probably did the ufo carving themselves for attention, and probably this is true for many other cultures around the world where europeans claim to the world that ufo's and sky gods are in their ancient past.

post one video of an australian aboriginal person talking about it as being part of our culture to prove me wrong.

we've been here for a genealogically proven minimum of forty thousand years, egyptians were yet tens of thousands of years in the future when we arrived here.
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