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Message Subject The Nobody is the anointed one who will redeem the fallen angels
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If there is truly a nobody, why doesn't he have power? If he does have power why doesn't he have access to it? If he does have access to it, why isn't it being accessed? If it is being accessed, why is his power so irrelevant? If it's not irrelevant, why is the world continuing on its downward spiral? It's time. If I stop, I'll die. I wish I had power to fix and heal everyone and everything. We all need to suffer for our sins: equivalent exchange. Then through redemption we learn, grow, and create heaven on earth. Why aren't we already doing this? I'm literally nobody with an insane amount of momentum leading nowhere, of course I'm ignorant and stupid we need a saviour. Our existence is calling for it. I hope that before I die humanity will grow and stand up. Rise from the ashes like phoenix my brethren. I fear we are not able. I pray that it "is always darkest before the light arrives." Thank you for accepting my thoughts into your domain. You bless me with your time. Let's will him into existence together.
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