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Message Subject The Nobody is the anointed one who will redeem the fallen angels
Poster Handle Kal Dani
Post Content
Look guys...

There really isn't a Nobody. Jesus fulfilled what no one else could do. There is no one who can take HIS crown.
No if's and's or but's.

GOD is GOD. You either know this or you don't. You either deny it or continue living by faith. But either way you will eventually know.

I was a Christian for the most of my life living by faith by what I thought I knew. On GODS timing made, He made things more apparent to me without question.

And if anyone has ever been chasened by The Lord knows what I am talking about. Best thing that ever happened to me. Not only did I love GOD before but even more so through it all.

Now our experiences and circumstances may be different, whenever I hear testimony of others and their relationship with The Lord, there is always certain similarities. And you either know or you don't know.

There is no Savior without GOD.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33237816

You are correct. Of course regarding Jesus, one more would come, one arrayed even greater than Solomon. Also, only one sign would be given, the sign of Jonah - the Whale (prince of Wales), prince William's RAF call sign is billy the fish based on the pun twixt Whales and Wales.
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