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Message Subject The Nobody is the anointed one who will redeem the fallen angels
Poster Handle Kal Dani
Post Content
You are correct. Of course regarding Jesus, one more would come, one arrayed even greater than Solomon. Also, only one sign would be given, the sign of Jonah - the Whale (prince of Wales), prince William's RAF call sign is billy the fish based on the pun twixt Whales and Wales.
 Quoting: Kal Dani

There is no other Savior. There is only ONE. As far as the sign of Jonah. I have my own thoughts about that. Being that is the only sign an adulterous generation will recieve. Whether or not this applies to whom you speak, I do not know. And GOD can give insight to whoever He chooses, however He chooses. Individually or collectively.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33237816

The men of Nineveh shall rise in judgement of this generation. My family is from a suburb of ancient Nineveh called tell keppe (hill of stones. Consider the Shusha (lilies) how they toil not yet i tell you even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these, now my name is Shusha (lily) actually the Jewish variation is Shushan and it is also a name ascribed to the East gate of the temple mount where the Messiah will appear through when he comes. Also known as the Golden gate it has frieze of the Perisan Elam (means eternity) city if Shusha is on the gate.

Indeed God can bring wisdom as you say and make dumb and open mouths and make also minds to become stupid and wax gross as we see all around, it would be nice if he opened all minds and i suppose thats the job of the nobody who will become a messiah.
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