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Message Subject The Nobody is the anointed one who will redeem the fallen angels
Poster Handle PPP
Post Content

I am introverted and when I'm 'externalizing' myself, I'm more opened to others...

Did you felt what was that mean?

I was thinking about exchanges with your environment
 Quoting: PPP

im an introvert also , but i didnt feel like it had anything to do with social interaction.........it felt more like i may have gained some influence over the world external to myself....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34247647

As long you give good influence...
Vitrations are more powerful than words
 Quoting: PPP

....im still confused because early in the thread the OP said that the light and dark must be balanced......i am very concerned about manifesting harmful or malevolent influence over the world......ive been through that and dont like it....is it possible to only have good influence without a corresponding bad influence??......
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34247647

Everything have his purpose even what one consider as bad
In some level of awareness, good and bad doesn't have the same value
The lack of light is the complement of light
and have much meaning with 'the unknown'

Is that possible to only have good thoughts? I still wonder...
But as long you don't give power to them, you win against the devil
Yet what sometime seemed a good action may not have the wished purpose
So just flow with the blow...
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