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Message Subject The Nobody is the anointed one who will redeem the fallen angels
Poster Handle Kal Dani
Post Content
The men of Nineveh shall rise in judgement of this generation. My family is from a suburb of ancient Nineveh called tell keppe (hill of stones. Consider the Shusha (lilies) how they toil not yet i tell you even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these, now my name is Shusha (lily) actually the Jewish variation is Shushan and it is also a name ascribed to the East gate of the temple mount where the Messiah will appear through when he comes. Also known as the Golden gate it has frieze of the Perisan Elam (means eternity) city if Shusha is on the gate.

Indeed God can bring wisdom as you say and make dumb and open mouths and make also minds to become stupid and wax gross as we see all around, it would be nice if he opened all minds and i suppose thats the job of the nobody who will become a messiah.
 Quoting: Kal Dani

I believe Jesus Christ is The Messiah. The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords. And will return all things back to The Father.

I do not believe there is "another" Messiah to come. Only whom has always been.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33237816

You misunderstand me there is only one from the dawn of time he was set and willingly accepted, however the shell is different for example with parousia i believe Jesus would be incorporated into a mortal body and like Moses was old when he became a messiah type figure (for the jews) and patriarch for the Christians would not know his calling till GOD calls and the Shekinah ie the holy spirit descends upon him (big style).
 Quoting: Kal Dani

Isn't the Shekinah a Tribe of Benjamin thing?
 Quoting: 10-DUDE

Its the divine presence of God it means to dwell, the dwelling. Some Christian theologians have connected the concept of Shekinah to the Greek term "Parousia", "presence" "arrival," which is used in the New Testament in a similar way for "Divine Presence.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
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