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Message Subject The Nobody is the anointed one who will redeem the fallen angels
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
He will remain forever alone in flesh. Thats what matters.

Regarding seed releases.

For one, he fights back all of them that attack him afterwards. Yeah, most people are food, but not him.

For one, it only makes him stronger and more aware. He trully understand the "metaphysics" and the "eco-system" due to that. What would have been smart would be to not attack him in the first place. Its the same mistake all over. The closer the darkness, the more aware of the light he has he gets.

He cannot see his light on his own reflection. :D

For two, that is not a sin unto death, he is still more righteous than everyone else on Earth. The spirit of God was put on him. /facepalm to those seeing iniquity in him, dont really have an understanding either.

Third, the burdens of the flesh is no longer in effect. Its so ridiculous liberating.
If the elects are shielded, so does the once and future King.

So you guys are talking based on his past, you are outdated on the current situation.
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