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Message Subject Israeli soldier posts disturbing Instagram photo of a CHILD in crosshairs of his rifle
Poster Handle Anderson_G
Post Content
I know a guy that was in Iraq several years ago. He told me about a firefight he assisted with, he was in a quick reaction force. One of his buddies was involved and was quiet and withdrawn for several days. He eventually found out the guy had hit several kids running for cover during the ambush. I believe the guy killed himself within a year of coming home.

War is hell and some individuals embrace it. Sick world we live in.
 Quoting: Roobit

That guy you mentioned,probably was so sorry for what he had done that he took away his own life out of remorse.I dont think he killed the kids deliberately but out of panic.All people have conscience and sooner or later they suffer from inside for what they have done.

What make this case disturbing is that soldier show off his mentality by deliberatily aiming at an innocent children.I think he is brainwashed by judaic culture and because of that he dont see that palestinian kid as a human being.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34560495

As a sniper your watching the last expression on a persons face we don't know if he has seen any of his buddies get wasted away or anything although considering he is twenty I doubt he has seen a lot but it takes a certain someone to be a sniper my guess is that he has pulled the trigger a few times in clashes we don't know about...

However as I said given this guys age he s probably showing off but we don't know his history His family could have been blown apart by a suicide bomber or rocket attack at some point in his life we don't know history and we need to remember what kind of environment the youth of both sides are brought up in until the time its proven he is doing it for fun and showing of I refuse to judge the guy PTSD is a horrible fucker...

Not that I condone what he had done but still always read into more then you see
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