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Lack of ambition with my job, causing problems with co workers.

Manu-Koelbren (OP)

User ID: 1312616
03/04/2013 08:05 PM
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Re: Lack of ambition with my job, causing problems with co workers.
The bottom line folks, in this world if you don't have a magnetic personality you better be either be very talented or very good looking , because otherwise you're up for an uphill bumpy road. If you merely want to live a simple life and get by you WILL be targeted by those trapped in the matrix, even if you're harmless.
 Quoting: Manu-Koelbren


it is a kind of trap to be seen as very promising when you are young. You expect more out of yourself then.

But real success is not in a job title. It is in inner peace.

It sounds like you do not have inner peace - to me, THAT is the problem. The coldness of your co-workers is not good, but it will not be as troubling if you yourself have peace.

For me, you are a success already.
You have a job in a country with huge unemployment.

You are asking the right questions, the ones that do change lives.

The change may not be a change in jobs, but in your viewpoints.

I also am "under-employed" compared to the promise of my younger days. And I am really tired much of the time.

You must be competent in what you do - would you be able to work for the government? No kidding, they have somewhat less of the dog-eat-dog, you- must-get- ahead mentality.

I wish you the best of luck with your music.

But she is a tough boss too!

So how might you reach inner peace - what would work for you, OP?
 Quoting: beeches

Well it's hard to reach inner peace when going to work becomes a stressing situation because you feel those with whom you have to interact by the force of circumstance are breaking your balls constantly for petty stuff. You see I don't have a problem with going to work, but throughout the years I find myself trapped in a pattern. After a while I sense people at work don't really like me. I am not a likable person it's true. I am quite anti social and when I am not interested in a person I find it hard to fake it. So it becomes pretty obvious for the people I work with that for me this is a nuisance I try to overcome more than anything.

Now read the post above that I quoted, this guy nails it, when you aren't good with mingling with those in authority and appearing as an ambitious individual, people start to dislike you and this creates an environment which becomes stressing and saps your inner peace. So in conclusion my goal is not living off what I enjoy or not working at all, I wish I could come to work, carry out my tasks and go home without having to worry about human interaction. I become everyday less capable of engaging in successful human interactions, I honestly do not like 99% of people I meet and I find it hard to fake otherwise. People like me who have no social skills and who don't really find pleasure in human interaction have a very hard life because human interaction is the basis of all life. I know this but it's hard to fight my nature, I am closer to a hermit than to a normal person, but I also need to eat and pay the bills you know?

Right now I am well settled in my job and even when sometimes people break my balls I don't think they will be able to fire me anytime soon. Seeing the overall economic situation worldwide and judging by the kind of life I had, i acknowledge that I ended up with a good deal so I intend to hold on to it at least until horizons become a bit clearer.

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Banned as usual.

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