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Message Subject MOLON LABE: Oath Keepers Founder Gives Speech To 3,000 NY Gun Owners; Sets April 19th Deadline For Public Servants To Choose Sides. So It Begins!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

yeah, right. millions of gun owners are going to cower in their homes like some turd in Mongolia? Doubt it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28870983

Millions of gun owners are going to do exactly what they are told to do when push comes to shove. That is a fact that you will just have to accept. Just because someone is a gun owner does not keep them from also being a sheeple. If you can't see it, you are delusional.

Maybe thousands will not comply. Those will be your heros. You will see them on TV in the news, just like Dorner.

Many of those people in this video were smiling, laughing, cheering and having a good time. They really have no clue what they are getting themselves into. The clueless will scatter like cockroaches when TSHTF in their faces. I doubt you'll be able to truly count on many of those people at that rally when the body count skyrockets, unless they get a mortality clue real fast. Take a look as some Syria videos from Liveleak if you need a lesson on how nasty war looks. Will they still be smiling when their little daughter's brains are splattered all over their faces?

The real operators know better than to show up and put their faces in the DHS facial recognition database that everyone there did.

But some people have to make a show of support for the cause, right? Those will become the first martyrs. Say a prayer for their families.

Good luck, keyboard hero.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34318818

Musch of what you say is sadly true. But do not underestimate the speed of the awakening that we see. When an idea reaches critical mass it seeps in everywhere.

But maybe all this talk about guns is a diversion? What do TPTB have to fear from people with handguns and semi-automatic weapons? They own the american people anyway, they control the economy completely and the military with its superior weaponry. What you really should focus on is all the other unconstitutional bills that are being signed. I bet Obama will back down on this gun grab and the majority will go back to sleep. And wake up in a police state. Where their AR15s are as effective as kitchen cutlery.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26491065

Here's my understanding of the motive for gun control now: TPTB are getting ready to crash the US economy. They are going to bleed it dry first, then pull the plug. They understand there will be chaos and riots everywhere. That's why they are going to head for their guarded bunkers, to stay safely underground for awhile so nobody can get to them easily.

They learned from Israel, Afghanistan & Iraq that isolated above-ground compounds are vulnerable to attack from their enemies by indirect actions such as impr0vised m0rtars, impr0vised r0ckets, and home-made UAVs, etc. But they are virtually untouchable in underground guarded bunkers with self-contained air supplies to guard from forest fires, ch3m attacks, etc. They can get military or merc units to guard them up above their lairs.

But they are not so afraid of criminals with guns, because those types will run around looting and murdering usually only locally. What they do fear however are smart patriots who are armed and organized. They fear them the most, that they will come after them in vengence or for regime change. So it is a self-preservation move of desperation to disarm the law-abiding citizens before they pull the plug on the economy and the nation. But it will be done.

They know that they will not achieve all their gun right's violations by legislation and EO's alone, so they want chaos, riots and general rebellion to break out in order to institute a defacto Marshall law throughout the nation. Then they will have the excuse they need to completely trash what's left of the US Constitution and go grab the guns directly with the US & UN militaries as well as Blackwater mercs.

They can funnel as many foreign militaries (incl. the Chinese and Russians) as they want into the country to fight the "d0mestic terr0rist patri0ts" as long as they just give them baby blue helmets to wear. This War of Federal Aggression could go on for 10 or more years if they need it to. No other nation is going to come to the aid of the patri0ts. They will be on their own, until they are wiped out or surrender.

It's sad, but how can a bunch of disorganized patri0ts go up against the combined militaries of at least half of the US military, half of the US police forces, most of DHS and the other alphabets, plus several other militaries coming in from all around the world hiding under blue helmets? I'm sure those armies will be promised lots of worthless money and other goodies for their "humanitarian aid" to TPTB here. And the Lame-stream media will dutifully broadcast their scripts as instructed to keep everyone around the world turned against the "d0mestic terr0rists."

Once the nation is disarmed and the "rebellion" is purged, the Corporate slavery will begin and the NWO can begin consolidating nations in earnest. Canada and Mexico will be next, along with maybe Cerntral and South America, unless Brazil gets brave and somehow gets Russia and China to help it intervene and stall progress in South America. Then the American Union will merge with the EU and the NWO will be finally realized.

And it all hinges on America's guns.

The Age of Man is almost finished.

Only God can save us now.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34318818

Thank you for your views.

I think there is one thing they fear more than patriots on the streets with guns. And that is patriots on the streets with their guns at home.

Massive civilian and peaceful protests, where you give the police and military lots of love, will break the Devil's neck. Demand only a few things that focuses on the cause of all evil. Demand the constitution back. Demand that the power over the dollar is handed back to the people. Demand an end to the monopoly in mass media.

No guns. 100 percent non-violent. Just millions of loving people demanding a better world.
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