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I have a Idea it makes sense but I need opinions

Potter Bm
User ID: 32206531
02/16/2013 11:58 PM
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I have a Idea it makes sense but I need opinions
In the bible lucifer and Satan are described as two separate beings, there was a planet described named lucifer, evidence by the asteroid field by Venus, lucifer proclaimed to god he was the sun of the morning star, the morning star is also known as Venus, I'm thinking maybe the two storys coincide with each other, because the planet was destroyed, and lucifer was cast out, the story of god has been around since the dawn of man, but they also would have had to at least see something to give the slightest idea, that a god could even exist, we here of nibiru coming in and out of our solar system, and I think this could be the reason why lucifer was destroyed, atlantis was one of the first civilizations, along with lemuria, and Eden, and they would have been the ones to witness this, we hear of monuments on mars and possible life, and Venus being the sister planet to earth, what if the planet lucifer being in between, held a gravitational purpose, as well as a colonization purpose, the 4 planets earth, Venus, and mars, possibly lucifer as it is only a theory, could have been victim to the passing nibiru, lucifer is gone but Venus and mars are demolished, the planet earth had a major pole shift, if I'm correct civilization would have had to start from scratch do to the trauma that would be suffered, explaining why humans came out of no where, we have no memory of this cause we couldn't remember, we were to busy trying to restart the human race, I personally believe the 3 civilizations witnessed the planets collide and this is our modern day story of god, cause in the beginning we live off the planet and loved earth love everything, watching other planets demise would be a metaphorical battle of the gods in a cosmic smash in the same txt the bible says not to idolize, yeshua did not agree in religion, but for the love of everything, the love of life, at the same time why is he being idolized? Love the planet, cause if anything is learnt from the past is that our Demise could come that fast, and the only thing that is pure, real pure is love, I know this is all opinion based, but if you think about it, it could be true, and if there's one thing we learnt from the past is not to make the same mistakes, we need to worry more about our world, and not that of those who are seperate to us, as we will all see each other in the same place, storys have sculpted our world so far, let's start believing in what's in front of us, we don't see god, all accounts are that their from the sky, we don't here so much of them anymore come the sinking of Atlantis, I think that pole shift could have been the end of those planets, thus the creator story gets changed from that point into modern day mix matched religions and gods, when they were probably visiting us before the demise of their home, and either left, came to earth, or died, or all of the above, THEY could have been the gods we talk about, that we don't see anymore, cause they had no choice but to leave, and we were left confused, and in the dark but we as a race still had hope, and the could have found new planets or what ever, and could be watching us, with the UFO sightings, or though the illuminati, as I am one with lumination, in blood, Atlantis was the start, and just like everything it always starts somewhere