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Message Subject White Couple, gang-raped... penis cut off. Savages...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
White people did worse things to black people.
 Quoting: Lamp

I say we're even on the grissle. We DID bad things. Now the MAJORITY of our problem is minority based.

 Quoting: Anonymous Crook

"A chain was placed around his neck and he was dragged toward city hall by a growing mob; on the way downtown, he was stripped, stabbed, and repeatedly beaten with blunt objects. By the time he arrived at city hall, a group had prepared wood for a bonfire next to a tree in front of the building.[24] Washington, semiconscious and covered in blood, was doused with oil, hung from the tree by a chain, and then lowered to the ground.[27] Members of the crowd cut off his fingers, toes, and genitals.[24] The fire was lit and Washington was repeatedly raised and lowered into the flames until he burned to death. German scholar Manfred Berg posits that the executioners attempted to keep him alive to increase his suffering.[28] Washington attempted to climb the chain, but was unable to, owing to his lack of fingers.[29] The fire was extinguished after two hours, allowing bystanders to collect souvenirs from the site of the lynching, including Washington's bones and links of the chain.[24] One attendee kept part of Washington's genitalia;[30] a group of children snapped the teeth out of Washington's head to sell as souvenirs. By the time that the fire was extinguished, parts of Washington's arms and legs had been burned off and his torso and head were charred. His body was removed from the tree and dragged behind a horse throughout the town. Washington's remains were transported to Robinson, where they were publicly displayed until a constable obtained the body late in the day and buried it.[24]" - Wiki 'Jesse Washington'

Even huh?
 Quoting: Lamp

how do we move forward as a society when dumbass people justify this action because it is revenge from some previous action., you are a fool
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33347038

That night, sheriff's deputies traveled to Washington's home, finding him in front of the house wearing blood-stained overalls.[10] He attributed the stains to a nosebleed.[12] Jesse, his brother William, and their parents were taken to nearby Waco to be questioned by the sheriff's department; although Jesse's parents and brother were released after a short time, he was held for further interrogation. His questioners in Waco reported that he denied complicity in Fryer's death, but offered contradictory details about his actions.[10] Rumors spread after his arrest that he had been in an altercation with a white man a few days before the murder.[11]

On May 9, Fleming brought Washington to Hill County to prevent vigilante action. The Hill County Sheriff, Fred Long, questioned Washington with Fleming; Washington told them he had killed Fryer following an argument about her mules, and described the murder weapon and its location.[13] Long brought Washington to Dallas, Texas, while Fleming returned to Robinson. Fleming soon reported that he found a bloody hammer where Washington had indicated. In Dallas, Washington dictated and signed a statement that described the rape and murder of Fryer; the confession was published the next day in Waco newspapers.[
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