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Message Subject Mortage vs Apartment living cost
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If you buy, buy a house. Do NOT buy a condominium. That's all the hassles of apartment living, along with all the commitment of owning a house. You'll pay almost enough for apartment rent in your monthly "maintenance fee", and you can't escape it.

I owned a condo once, I even enjoyed it. It was like an apartment, but mine was much nicer and more "upscale". But the financial risk is too much. We had an issue with water leakage, and the homeowner's association decided I had to (each of us had to) spend thousands of dollars on a repair I disagreed with. But I was stuck.

I own a house. I've got a low mortgage rate, a nice yard, good schools, and when my kids (or my wife and I) make a lot of noise, nobody hears it. My setting is beautiful. The phrase "quiet enjoyment" sums it up.

But I am older, and until you're settled, it makes more sense to have an apartment. Remember guys (and girls) you won't impress the love of your life by having a house. You'll impress them in the usual "game" ways.
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