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Message Subject Mortage vs Apartment living cost
Poster Handle sTTsTTT
Post Content
This is interesting to me as I'm putting the old homestead on the market today. Twenty years ago we mortgaged for 158,000-USD at 5.5-percent interest/30-fixed, VA 0-percent down. Over the years, put in just over 120,000-USD in maintenance, upgrades & landscaping. (Receipts are in the bag *grin*) This is a 3-level townhouse, fee-simple (non condominium), home owners association subdivision.

Property taxes over the years have been a roller coaster ride based on county assessments. Fairfax County Virigina assesses annually based on market/sold prices.

Adding everything together: principle, interest, property taxes, homeowners property insurance, utilities (gas, electric, water/sewage, telephone), all interior/exterior maintenance, HOA dues it IS a hearty chunk of change.

Buying a house is NOT for everyone. As a buyer, i'll say it's been quite an experience. Sometimes a total PITA and decided money pit. Sometimes satisfying and encouraging.

Would I buy again? Yes. Looking at land/house options, cash transaction rather than mortgaging.
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