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Message Subject Mortage vs Apartment living cost
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Does anyone here have any experience with rent-to-own? I had a recent foreclosure and am in an apartment now, but would like to get back in a house. I'm thinking that would be the only way since my credit's shot now, but I'm making decent money again.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21886424

You should negotiate a deal where the guy gives YOU a discount on rent because you tell him that if you like it, you may buy it. I've seen that happen even though economically it makes no sense, and your stated interest is "cheap talk".

You should not pay a premium on market rent (not what he says is market rent, but the best deal you can negotiate on similar properties nearby in equivalent locations) not a penny. Because that option to buy is not worth that much. We don't expect real estate to rocket up in price soon do we?

I think real estate will now appreciate, but not like crazy.

In a few years your credit will be fixed anyway. Or borrow money to buy something cheaper, like a store credit card, and pay it back on time. Don't overpay to "fix your credit", the goal should be not to borrow money anyway, in which case, who cares about credit??

I pay a large mortgage every month and still I say this.
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