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Message Subject Mortage vs Apartment living cost
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Buying is better imo. As stated, if you lock in a good low mortgage rate, your monthly payment stays the same for a decade.

I just bought at a 3.6% rate for 10 years, monthly payments including tax are $700 for a 3 bedroom rancher with a basement ready to be finished. Once the basement is finished, I can rent it out if money ever gets tight.

But the bottom line is this - when you rent, you're giving your money to someone else. When you buy, you're giving your money to yourself, in the form of equity. Once my mortgage is payed off, I'll be sitting on $150,000 worth of equity, and my living expenses will be significantly lower at a time when they need to be.

Renting = pissing away your money
Mortage = investing your money
 Quoting: CleverMoniker 33226516

I used to think this way, then I realized you never own your home because of property taxes, stupid ordinances etc. The government owns your home you are still a renter.

With the economy being the way it is, the need to be mobile is more important than ever, that you are tied to an area is actually a form of cost that is never factored in the cost of home ownership.

Home Owners Associations are a new twist in recent years. Whenever I learn that someone has bought into a home owners association, I immediately know this person is a moron, and a base argument for devolution. Now instead of one landlord, you now have TWO landlords to pay rent to and who can evict you from your house that you supposedly own.
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