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Message Subject Why do you guys hate Jews?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It has nothing to do with hate. Educate your simplistic trolling mind with this thread: Thread: Manchurian Trigger Words: If you use any words on this list, you are a useless eater.

Anyone who claims that Jewry is not guilty should be dismissed as either a liar or an idiot. Even a cursory search will reveal novels of their crimes.

I'm an educated man. I have a degree, I own a business, made a million, traveled the world, read over 3000 books not including college. Out of everything I've learned there is one incontrovertible fact that stands out, "Jews" or whatever you call them, are the only true enemy of humanity. That isn't hatred, that is the truth.

If you are unaware of their crimes then you simply are not eligable to comment until you grow up and join the big boys of knowledge. Start reading.
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