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Message Subject Why do you guys hate Jews?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have nothing against "jews"...just the Zionists who control the United States government and are continuing their efforts to cede all control to the police powers, municipal, county, state and federal, at the expense of individual liberty......bump
 Quoting: Elsabiades... 33593574

So what you're saying is, if Ben Bernanke the dirty jew financial swindler doesn't support Israel, that means he's ok. You can have a little more courage than that. Anti-semite is not the worst thing a person can call you. "Street Bum," is worse. And that's what you're going to be, living under the fucking overpass because the jews stole everything you have. All because you didn't want to be accused of being an anti-semite.

The problem is the fucking jew, not Zionism. Zionism is a good thing, in actual fact. If every fucking jew in the world left for Zion, we'd all be OK.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34597731

You, sir are a true anti-semite towards the true religious jews hf

Read here why:

Judaism and its opposition to Zionism

What is Judaism and who are the Jews?
Judaism is a system of belief and practices derived from the Torah, and the Jews are the people who hold those beliefs and follow those practices. Judaism sees all of history as the Almighty’s plan. The history of the Jewish people has a specific format outlined in the words of the Torah which includes the Old Testament, the words of the prophets, the Talmud etc. There was a time when Jews had a land, a monarchy and a Temple in Jerusalem. When the Temple was destroyed and Jerusalem was conquered by the Romans almost two thousand years ago, the Jewish exile began. Jews are still waiting for that exile to end with the messianic era, when all of mankind will unite in the service of the Almighty.

According to Jewish belief, the Jews did not lose the Temple and Jerusalem because of their own military weakness. Rather, it was the Almighty’s will that the Jewish people be exiled and spread around the world as an atonement for their sins, and in order to spread the Almighty’s message to all the nations of the world. Therefore, it is clear that Jewish military force cannot end the exile; the exile will end only when the Almighty sees fit to end it and send His redeemer. It is for this Divine redemption that the Jewish people have always waited – not for any sort of conquest of the Holy Land, or opportunity to return to it.

The Jewish view of exile and redemption is legally expressed in the famous Talmudic passage of the Three Oaths, under which the Jews are bound during their exilic existence. The Almighty put the Jews under oath: 1. not to return en-mass to the Holy Land, 2. not to rebel against the nations of the world, 3.not to attempt to end the exile with their own actions.

During exile, Jews were commanded by the prophet Jeremiah (29:7), "Seek the peace of the city where I have exiled you, and pray to the Almighty on its behalf, for with its peace you will have peace." Jews were to be loyal to their governments and not entertain any thoughts of rebellion.

A large part of the Jewish people spent centuries of
their exile living under Muslim governments of North Africa and the Middle East, including Palestine. The relations between the Jews and Muslims in these countries were historically very good. The Jews were loyal citizens, and their religion, culture and scholarly tradition flourished.

What is Zion and what is Zionism?
Zion is a name used in the Torah for Jerusalem. Zionism is the name adopted by a movement of non- religious Jews founded in the 1890s, whose goal was to transform the meaning of a Jew and to revolutionize the course of Jewish history. Their goal was to transform the meaning of Judaism from spirituality, religion and holiness, into base materialism, nationalism and altogether removing the Almighty from the equation. They proposed a political and military solution to what they saw as the “problem of exile.” They advocated mass Jewish immigration to Palestine, without regard to the rights of Palestine’s non-Jewish population. They armed themselves and learned military tactics in preparation for a war of conquest. And they claimed that adherence to their movement alone was the criterion for being a Jew – it did not matter whether a person believed in the Almighty and His Torah.

In 1948, the Zionists achieved their goal and founded a state in Palestine. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were expelled or frightened away from their homes and not allowed to return. Using their absorption system for new immigrants and their educational system for children, the Zionists brainwashed millions of Jews into believing in their new order. Even in the religious community Zionism made inroads, convincing some Jews that the Jewish exile could be ended by military force. Other methods utilized by the Zionists, where fear mongering and creating panic, that the Arabs hate Jews like the Nazis and “will drive all the Jews into the sea”, basically a second holocaust. Thank the Almighty, a significant segment of Jews haven’t fallen prey to Zionism and they continue to keep the laws of the Torah and stand in total opposition to Zionism and the State of “Israel”.

more at link
[link to www.nkusa.org]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34597640

Completely bass akwards.. But nice try..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26154537

Find out about a little bit more about zionism, before you blindly support them, i am not blaming you for being brainwashed from young age on, but make up your mind at least, before you make false statements about the true jews!!!

Here's how the zionist' plot works:

The cult of atheist Zionism posing as Judaism

By Rich Siegel

This essay was first published in Beyond Tribal Loyalties: Personal Stories of Jewish Peace Activists. (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012)

January 1, 2012

I consider myself a cult survivor. I was raised in the cult of Atheist-Zionism-Posing-as-Judaism. I stated this to a few select friends several years ago, and they thought it was funny. The statement brought with it a pregnant pause, as though a punch line was going to follow, as though I were telling a joke. No punch line. I'm serious. More recently, subsequent to Israel's 2006 Lebanon war and the massacre in Gaza of 2008-2009, I find that I can say this and it is taken seriously. People know that something is very seriously wrong with Israel, and with the culture that supports Israel. They may not understand it, but they're more open than they were.

My family's involvement with Zionism goes back to its beginnings. It includes a grandfather who fought with the Jewish Legion to "liberate" Palestine from the Turks in WWI, great-great-grandparents who went to Jerusalem for their retirement in the 1920's, the best buddy of an uncle who smuggled arms from Czechoslovakia to Jewish terrorist groups in Palestine in the lead-up to the 1948 war, grandparents who were officers in their local B'nai Brith1 chapter, and a cousin who was involved in "Operation Mural"2. He currently represents Jewish/Zionist NGOs at the United Nations office in Geneva. His wife writes Muslim-bashing books under a pseudonym.

During my childhood, Zionism and Israel were held up on a pedestal. They were central to our existence, our identity, our raison d'être. They were our sub-cultural equivalent of "Mom and apple pie". I grew up convinced that they were perfect and beyond reproach. There was simply nothing in my environment to indicate otherwise. Finding out that I had been lied to all my life, and that I had been supporting something that I would never have supported had I been told anything resembling the truth, has been absolutely shattering.

[link to www.deiryassin.org]

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