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Message Subject Why do you guys hate Jews?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Liberalism is a Jewish cancer. Those who oppose the International Jew are beyond devolving the debate into "conservatism" [who on Earth would want to conserve this filthy Judeo-Marxist country?] versus "liberalism" [who on Earth would rally behind the degeneration of moral standards into a vapid, consumerist, instant gratification society that purports to "fight" capitalism but in reality is nothing more than the end product of its materialist degeneracy].

We name the Jew.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34588149

liberalism is not confined to jews and if your were really rooting out liberalism i might even join you. but in my opinion hating zionism is just a cover for most people to feel comfortable with their anti-semitism and it affords them the cloak of morality that merely calling for jewish genocide does not. other than a muzz who else liberal or conservative calls for genocide?

you are not the "hero" you think you are...
 Quoting: davvi

No, it is not. It has been carefully crafted to lead useful idiots [who have noble goals in their opposition to Judeo-Capitalism] into a moral, social, and ideological dead end.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34588149

liberal jews are usually jewish in name only, they belong to a far left ideology much as barack obama, nancy pelosi, and hillary clinton do, none of whom I believe are jewish. unless of course you are claiming that without secular leftist jews none of the above would be the douche bags they are? leftism is a dead-end and kills all it touches.
 Quoting: davvi


A Jew that hates Jews.
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