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Message Subject Why do you guys hate Jews?
Poster Handle DPS
Post Content
haha, switzerland, i say this as an israeli jew.

you CANNOT seperate zionism from judaism they are the same!

all those rabbis you quate, they have nothing against zionism.

zionism is an idea which says jews must live in thier own land and not scattered across the nations. zionism = love for israel, it is jewish patriotism.

the only reason some rabbis went against zionism is because they beleived that the jewish nation must wait for a devine cue from god to tell them its okay to reclaim thier lost lands.
at the begining the rabbis were reluctent to join zionism because they thought it would fail, they didnt see a divine spark in it, so they did not support it. but after zionism became successfull in claiming israel, the rabbis saw it as fulfillment of prophecy no less.

zionism has fulfilled prophecy, the return of the jews to thier homeland was prophecised and fulfilled under whats been labled zionism.

even without zionism as you know it today, ALL jews have an insepreable connection to israel, and all jews waited 2k years for an oppritunity to reclaim israel, zionism was that oppritunity
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