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Message Subject Huge fireballs flying over buildings and exploding with a strong blast
Poster Handle G. House
Post Content
Seriously people have you seen any videos showing huge fireballs flying above buildings accompanied by large explosions?
 Quoting: ME 31575640

Collectively all the videos I've seen show that a meteor entered the atmosphere, exploded, and created an impressive shockwave.

Apparently YOUR powers of discernment are fucked up or you're mentally challenged.

I don't have the time or inclination to explain it all to you.

If you really are from Poland chances are it's all the industrial pollution caused by your previous Russian masters has fucked up your nervous system.

But now you can go into "you're just a shill" mode and continue ranting your delusions.
 Quoting: G. House

I am not going to call you a shill, but you most likely are not paying close attention. Where did you see huge FIREBALLS over buildings in the videos??? I saw one single fireball in all the videos released, and it was clearly not directly above any buildings as reported by RT. It appears as if they are reporting it wrongly on purpose. This is valid not only about RT, but other Russian media as well.

Fireballs, meteor debris falling down and damaging buildings???? Where? Did you see something like this in the videos??
 Quoting: ME 31575640

Look at them ALL!

Then in your feeble mind place them in relation to the event.

For instance in one it starts out showing the huge cloud directly overhead and the person is amongst buildings. So the video doesn't show the approach or the actual explosion. They didn't have time to get the camera going. So anyway a few seconds later you hear the blast and it is huge, and the camera shots are shaken from that point on, the person with the camera is obviously panicked and running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

You expect it ALL in one friggen video?

An event like this has to be pieced together from multiple videos.

What is your fucking point anyway?

That it didn't happen?

That it was a US secret weapon?

I witnessed the Kincardine event in Michigan in 1966. I know what a huge bolide fireball looks like up close and personal. I see nothing wrong or unexpected in these videos.
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