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Message Subject Huge fireballs flying over buildings and exploding with a strong blast
Poster Handle OP
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OK, Once again! Did you see any fireballs flying over buildings and exploding?????????????? What I see in the videos is a streak of smoke and only later there is an explosion, but where are the fireballs, any videos of those. I mean as they claim, FIREBALLS, not a single fireball. Plus have you seen videos of debris falling from the skies as claimed. It is just a sonic boom or whatever, it cannot be linked directly to the meteor. It could be another kind of explosion. How do you know it was the meteor?
 Quoting: OP 31575640

Because of the dashcams that show the whole event.

What is the use in explaining it to you?

You are trying to be obtuse.
 Quoting: G. House

Well, to be honest, even the Russian astronomers are not quite sure of its nature. Some said it was a comet, not a meteor. I am surprised at your readiness to name everything that flies and emits strong light a meteor :)
 Quoting: OP 31575640


When did I do that?

This event fits the definition of a meteor.

It can also be called an asteroid.

Since it didn't display any of the hallmarks of a comet, that would be a stretch at best.

Best definition would be an NEO that hit.

Unless you want to argue the definition of an object.
 Quoting: G. House

It will be classified as meteor or asteroid when they come up with and suggest some trajectory, object size and so on, as well as when they find some recovered debris from the object. We don't have any information on this yet, so let's not jump to conclusions.

Also, how was the object - huge fireballs? How many meteors are we talking about here? Based on the video evidence it is only one,so I am a bit confused when they talk about meteor showers and HUGE fireballs. How big is huge to them? We are given no answers yet we need to keep quiet and dismiss the topic as irrelevant right?

As for the real bad journalism, I am left speechless. They didn't even bother to interview some witnesses instead sent thousands of military and police to look for debris and covered up the results of this search.
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