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Message Subject Escalating Tyranny in America. Freedom Going, Going, GONE!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Many should understand freedom has been gone for a verylong time

the up comeing police empowerment movement and the arming of such government agencies such as DHS is to restore freedom

Soon it will be the duty of all police officers to read the paper

to look closey at every bit of media, every add, flyer and only check on every single piece of paper that is given tp the publick

This will be their main duty

With altamet power

to get to the bottum of coruption

to make sure noboby is cheating, in return they will almost get every thing for free

The DHS will become interested only in imports and exports as they will almost stop complety

the people will then be able to move freely

many of this I have slowly been putting out over the years, I hope it's not to soon
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