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Message Subject Is Obama a Homosexual?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I really wish you fucking wackos that believe this shit could see how batshit crazy you are.

I assure you if Obama wasn't black, there would be no such claims being made. Those who do make this claim are racist white trash.

You people are the types that give conspiracy theorist's a bad name, as those of us who do have legitimate questions regarding official narratives of events, are lumped together with you nutcases and quickly dismissed. You can't see this of course as you are blinded by your own idiocy.

Anyone who challenges your bullshit claims is considered a shill or Obama lover as opposed to one who is utilizing simple common sense and knows what battles to fight and which ones to not pursue. The birther battle was one that has already been lost, so instead of accepting defeat, you compound it even worse, and in doing so, you legitimize yourself as the batshit crazy fucking wacko's you truly are.
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