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Message Subject Is Obama a Homosexual?
Poster Handle BRIEF
Post Content
Brief, what part of I speak in certainties and absolutes do you not understand?

That proves nothing. I could just as easily publish a youtube video claiming that instead of you being racist white trash, you actually have a sexual fetish for underage black girls.

See how that works?

I'm looking for proof that Obama is a Kenyan terrorist communist fag. Until you wacko's can support this claim with actual proof, I will consider you all to be exactly what you are,100% certifiably fucking insane.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27529384

You're fucking retarded, and here's the proof. 98% of the population on this planet believe in God, yet I suspect you don't because you lack 100% proof even though you can look around everywhere and see proof of an intelligent design.
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