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Message Subject Is Obama a Homosexual?
Poster Handle Videobarbs
Post Content
Just this week-end, Michelle and the girls were off to Aspen CO for skiiing and I'm sure smoozing with all the celebrities up skiing as well.
All the while, the POTUS is in Florida on a "guys only" week-end of golf (and I'm sure other activities).
Remember O grew up in hot, while Michelle knew only frigid miserable Chicago winters, so she's adjusted.
As Obammy's 2nd term deepens, we will witness more separate activities even as POTUS bemoans the fact that the girls are more independent.
Theirs is a marriage of convenience with the sole purpose of getting a black prez elected. Please note: he is not African American in the sense that his ancestors were slaves.
Once he is out of office he will more actively pursue the careless life-style he lived in Chicago and as a young Senator in D.C., before getting tapped for POTUS. Whether Michelle stays with him or not is hard to say. They may continue the sham just like Bill & Hillary.
Obama is very similar to JFK who played sexual brinksmanship until the day he was assassinated as well as Bill Clinton too.
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