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Message Subject Scientists create 'sixth sense' brain implant
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Tats great 4 ppl with disabilities and all, but in a few years when sht like this hits the mainstream, everybody will want 2 enhance their human capabilities i'm sure of it... The age of the cyborgs is coming my friends. You all will be faced with a hard choice. Will u keep up with societe by enhancing ur brain, but loose ur humanity and disconnect from ur true inner powers @ the same time, or stay boring and acheive those goals trough hard work and meditation... Why are we always in search 4 the magic pill...

Well i'm definitely choosing to leave my brain the way god intented thank you. Think about it, nature is ALWAYS more efficiant than anything we will ever build. So while the pll who choose the implants will only limit their powers, mine will keep growing... Maybe @ a slower rate but when i finally reach their levels, they will be stuck there until the technologie becomes better, i'll keep growing. No one will control my evolution but me.
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