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Message Subject Greek GOLD Mine Attacked with Explosives
Poster Handle A Brit
Post Content
Argentinian in origin. An economist by profession? He speaks the truth.

Greece is very very rich in natural resources. What we are witnessing is the rape of Greece's wealth and the enslavement of its people by the satanic NWO/illuminati/bilderburgers/cia etc

It is a deliberate economic crisis, it is the AFRICANISATION OF GREECE.
 Quoting: A Brit 34607743

I agree. They should have nationalized their resources and contracted with profit in mind. Greece has no idea how to make a profit for the people.

The Africanization is also seen in the number of immigrants living off the subsidies.


[link to www.bloomberg.com]

ALL THIS FOR ONLY 800 JOBS? They need to disclose whether the contracts provide tax revenue..

Greece Unblocks Subsidy for Formula 1 Track Construction

By Paul Tugwell - Oct 1, 2012 3:25 AM CT.

Greece unblocked a subsidy of 28.9 million euros ($37.2 million) for the construction of an international-standard racetrack that can be used for staging Formula One car racing, the Ministry of Development said.

The track, which will be designed to host other events as well, including world championship motorbike racing and go-kart racing, will be built in Xalandritsa near the western port city of Patras at a total cost of 94.6 million euros, the Athens- based ministry said in an e-mailed statement late yesterday. Racetrack Patras SA, a private investment company, will oversee the project.

The three projects are collectively expected to generate over 800 new jobs, the ministry said.
 Quoting: pool

With reference to the Africanisation of Greece I was talking about the economy, the social safeguards etc. Asa humanitarian and Christian I won't scapegoat poor Africans for coming to Greece. Rather i would blame the EU, who provides no assistance to Greece with this problem. Also I see it as a matter of honour to treat these people decently, particularly as the traitors (and self declared satanists) Golden Dawn are exploiting the problems in Greece.

Treating these Africans decently in Greece will only be to our credit.
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