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Message Subject My Name's Ian and I smoke pot.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
go ahead smoke that bowl...cause the Swat team will be there in about 30 min.... Hey Bra...don't end up like Chris Dorner...just come out with your hands up....or they'll set up burners (now known as tear gas cannisters..LOL) and burn your ass alive....just for a little weed....
That's so fucked up...we'll chip in on you're bail:)

Love ya mean...take a hit for me...at work...on break.
Sucks being poor and a slave to the system...
Happy Sunday GLPer's
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33321666

yeah OP...go ahead..toke away...who are you harming....
never have I seen one single death from smoking pot...
It's gonna be legal in all 50 states soon.....Phillip Morris has been funding experiments at Universities for several years, to tweak the THC levels and enhance the effects.....I just hope they (government) doesn't fuck up the weed by helping to creating some GMO strand that infects people with some exotic incurable virus...those fuckers will try anything....as for me...pigchef..I just don't inhale..hahahaha
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