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Message Subject why are protestants so eager to weigh in on the pope???
Poster Handle A Friend
Post Content

What do you mean "we"?
You are overstepping a bit, no?
Jesus did not set up the church in Rome.
It is doubtful that Peter did either. Why would he?
If anyone was there, it was Paul.
In any case, they would have been imprisoned there not
setting any cornerstones.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1482838

Please even Protestant theologians admit that your bible is derived from the Catholic bible!
 Quoting: MaxMad

What do you think they were protesting against?
 Quoting: A Friend

Certain doctrines-not the bible
 Quoting: MaxMad

They were protesting the pope, the additions the catholics placed into the bible and the paganism of the catholic church.
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