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Message Subject why are protestants so eager to weigh in on the pope???
Poster Handle MaxMad
Post Content

Lemme guess could it be whatever church you belong to?
 Quoting: MaxMad

No. The chuch I belong to doesn't claim they invented the Bible, nor do they worship a man as the Holy Father, nor do they kiss a mans hands and bow down to him, nor do they practice religion in what amounts to golden palaces among golden relics and statues and "saints", nor do they pray to mother mary as a goddess, nor do they hold beer raffles and bingo nights, nor do they offer absolution of sin by confessing to a man in a box and praying to mary.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25237221

So tell us then what church/denom you belong to?
 Quoting: MaxMad

Church of Christ. Churches of Christ doesn't have man made "doctrine", we follow the Bible.
 Quoting: ThePepeisNOTtheholyfather 25237221

Oh no... A scandal in your church??

The Rev. Keith Whitney said the Camarillo Church of Christ has faced its share of challenges but has now healed and is ready to move forward and grow.

Whitney arrived to lead the church in spring 2007 only to find himself a few months later facing a scandal that would cripple the church for years.

The church’s youth pastor, Mark McDowell, was arrested on charges of sexually molesting multiple teenage girls over the period of approximately eight years.

A few of the victims were members of the church but others were not affiliated.

McDowell pleaded guilty to the charges, served jail time and is now a registered sex offender.

“It was a period of rapid decline and heartbreak,” Whitney said.

The incident had a detrimental effect on the church. The congregation shrunk from nearly 200 members to 50.
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