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Message Subject government ban on “conspiracy theorizing.”
Poster Handle Saddletramp
Post Content
They're already trying to classify it as a mental illness...
 Quoting: Saddletramp

Once again Saddletramp on top of things.
Remember the 23 orders on gun control ? Almost half of them had to do with mental illness. Al Franken was pushing a bill last week that would require mental evaluations starting in kindergarten and running through college. They will keep people from legally possessing firearms based on mental illness. They will make criminals out of most that now have them.
 Quoting: AC 5341

Al Franken is deranged and mentally unstable, yet is able to hold public office. Does not say much for his constituents.

He has come along way since his faggy ways on SNL.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34399218

I've never seen a jew more jewy than Al Franken...
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