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Message Subject Within the next 2 weeks, something MAJOR will happen and it will be on the mainstream news 24/7
Poster Handle UsfighterNH
Post Content
I call BS.

I am so tired of these threads where someone claims to have insider info. They will talk about some imminent event and drop some hints. When the timeframe passes nothing happens. A week later a similar thread. I know that is how GLP works but I just wish people wouldn't waste everyone's time.

If someone really knew something they would spill the beans and not drop little hints.

I also think that a week prior to something happening it will be obvious from observable events going on around the world such as the elite relocating, etc.. People in the know will not keep quiet if something major is immiment and this site will light up like a Christmas tree.

So "Nobody" if you know something spill it if not please stop wasting everyone's time. I've only been on this site for just over a year and these threads drive me crazy (boy who cried wolf effect).
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