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Subject Germany + China Have Great Economies: Shouldn't Something Punish Them ?
Poster Handle PharoahGeeseGo:AhnkAhnk
Post Content
I Don't Understand Why the US Continues its Economic and Political Decline,its Cultural Influence Marginalized, with Huge Losses in Military Control Over Several Regions When Afterall the USA Has Been the "Good Guys" Removing Global Security Risks to Democracy and Protecting the Vulnerable Powers and Sending Billions in Aid Abroad in the Name of Decency and Charity.

By Brokering Peace Between Far Off Peoples, Our own Citizens at Home Openly Admit to be Preparing to Fight What They Call
"Occupation by Wall Street" "Looters" "liberals" "Foreign Invaders" " Immigrants" and "ATF Agents Taking Away Their Right to Bear Arms" which they feel is all that is protecting them from absolute enslavement.

While The US Improves Agriculture, Education + Medicine in Third World Zones, Americans are Some of the Sickest, most Ignorant,
Obese People in the History of Mankind Living Shallow Diseased Lives Under a regiment of ADD and AntiDepressants Drugs washed down with GMO Syrups and distractful feel-good sitcoms.

While Modernizing Other Nations' Communication Technology, People Here on American Streets Do not Acknowledge Each Other saying Niether "HI" nor "Good Morning" Their Ears Full of Ear Buds and Eyes Glued to a Cell Phone, They are afraid to hear their own thoughts but are greeted by over 500 advertisements a day convincing them the solution to all their problems is to Buy More Stuff.
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