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Message Subject Germany + China Have Great Economies: Shouldn't Something Punish Them ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think OP needs to dig a bit deeper. Both Germany and China do not have 'great' economies at all. In fact they both have very big, and fast growing problems. The fact that they look good compared to many other nation's economies is neither here no there. The globalised system is so interdependent that the crisis is not isolated to specific countries. Some of the most dire symptoms manifest themselves more visibly, more quickly in some areas than others due to a myriad of factors, but mark my words there are still many people under false illusions - EVERYWHERE will be sucked into the abyss of economic collapse very soon.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23992770

the real winners will be those with actual physical gold, arable land and potable water, and powerful navies to defend them.

When TSHTF 30% of the US will be overrun by latinos and they already have covert control of all farms and rural communities in the SW by shear numbers alone.

China will actually lose most of its starving peasants as they migrate north to Russia.

Germany is surrounded by Stable States and will remain self-sufficient as an export Nation.

USA will have to import Grain including Corn, most of which being grown now is used for ethanol and are based on Monsanto Terminator Seeds which means they do NOT reproduce.
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