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Message Subject Germany + China Have Great Economies: Shouldn't Something Punish Them ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Because europe and especially germany exists much longer than the us (which is only a mix of europeans as you should know)

us has sourced out its production and is only consuming.
75% of us gdp is consumption.

so if you want to improve the us, start producing and stop outsourcing into third world countries.
and btw look at google, they arent even paying taxes

look at germany what great companies and universities they have. they are engeneers, philosophers, workers, scientists since thousands of years... usa was founded 1492 thats only 500 years ago. we have breweries here in europe that are older than the us.

and look at the higher living standard whe have here in germany, austria and switzerland.
in comparison to the us you are living like in a third world country.
high criminality, shitty foods, obese and diabetics everywhere, horrible beer, idiotic and manipulated media.
and you are telling the world that the usa is the best country ever? the dollar is not worth the money it is printed on.

hahahahaha usa is done!!!

nuff said, and please don't take it seriously or personal. thats just the facts from a proud european.

every good guys like martin luther king or jfk got assassinated. the idea of the usa was a good one but its deeply rotten into its core. sadly.

and please don't talk about freedom and shit while you are torturing people in guantanamo and terrorizing the whole world in the name of fighting terrorism. this is pathetic.
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