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Message Subject Catholics versus Kabbalistic Jews: the secret war between two PAGAN cults that has been going on for centuries, and shapes our world
Poster Handle Angel Helper
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The term "Catholic" is nowhere to be found in the bible, a quick (or in-depth) study of those called Early Church Fathers or Fathers of the Church will show that all of what today's Catholics believe were beliefs held by the Fathers of the Church: the true and Substantial Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, Confession of sin to a priest, veneration (not worship) of Mary, infant baptism, etc. All Protestant and Restorationist groups (Church of Jesus christ of Latter Day Saints, Seventh-Day Adventists and Jehovah's Witnesses, among others) are spin-offs from the church...almost all because of their refussal to submit to any formal authority and they want the right to self-interpret Scriptures...hence the existance of 30,000+ Protestant denominations. They all want it their way -- and they are far from being a sign of unity because of it. They all compete for your tithing dollars...

Speaking of Bible...the canon as we know it today only came about in roughly A.D. 397...but the term Katholikos goes back to approx. A.D. 107 in a letter from Ignatius of Antioch. The term does mean universal...but even by then the new faith was indeed widespread...already in Europe and as far as India and in Africa. No other Church can make that claim.
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