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Message Subject Catholics versus Kabbalistic Jews: the secret war between two PAGAN cults that has been going on for centuries, and shapes our world
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
After a 70 year captivity, the religious leaders of Israel became Babylonian in their teachings and in their minds. [Ezekiel-blasphemy in the temple..the glory departed] When Christ came carnal Israelites were "the lost sheep of Israel."

This means, carnal Judaism channels the religion of Babylon. This mystery religion is the mother of harlots..it's Cabala is the centuries old poison of man's belief systems.

..as for Catholicism..
first, nowhere in scripture is the word church capitalized..its a word like the saints, or the disciples, or the born again...Christ could easily said the gates of hell shall not prevail against my disciples.

second,the only "Simon Peter" in ancient Rome was Simon the Jewish sorcerer seen in the book of Acts. He was the father of gnosticism and chief sorcerer to Nero. He was known in Rome as Father Simon or in Latin, Simon "Pater".

Catholicism is the creation of Judaic Babylonian continuance. It was created (or infiltrated early on) to undo the good works of Paul in Rome. (and to commit endless evil acts throughout the centuries and have it blamed on "Christianity") The book "Two Babylons" by Alexander Hislop is a good place to start when trying to determine this for yourself.

Because of the Scofield poison spread primarily from his disciples at the Dallas Theological Seminary, "rapture cult Christians have once again become lost. Hirelings like Hagee and LeHaye have led them into the Esau error..they give away their birthright to a nation of unbelievers "and hell hath opened it's mouth"

It's everything you know..all the isms are based in Baylonian Cabala. According to Tal Brooke, a student of Sai Baba, even Hinduism began when Babylonian priests who were fleeing Darius arrived in India. The Cabala is the base of Rosicrucianism..and the personage of "Christian Rosenkreutz". Masonry screams Judaism [which is, as I said, Babylon, mystery Babylon, or even "the beast" ..take your pick..they all fit.) Mormonism is another twist on masonry and the mystery religion of Babylon.

Soo..it is the op's position that the two sides here fight against each other for control of the world...neither know they're of the same cloth. My thought is that the "fight" is a controlled one designed to produce blood sacrifices for black magic psychopathic central banking types. The moneychangers..who were, and were not (70 A.D) and now are (post 1968)..are the real controllers.

With the power to print money out of thin air, there is not much they cannot control.
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