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Message Subject WTF is going on with all these meteors all of a sudden?
Poster Handle NervousAndJerky
Post Content
Larger object gravitationaly attract smaller objects and debris, as it moves throught it's orbit. Like a cloud around the larger object. Large object passes buy at a safe distance, but some of the smaller objects and debris are not as lucky. Just a theory.
 Quoting: NervousAndJerky

Then why other objets pass close enough to hit satellites an are not pulled down?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34614655

This collection of debris happens over well, lets just say a long time. This cloud if you like, is moving really fast, all held in the bigger objects gravity field. So it would be affected by Earths gravity in the same way as the bigger object. Newtons law. please see.

So you see if the matter in the cloud is lined up with the Earth and or a sattlelite, it hits, if not it doesn't. Earths gravity affects the large object and the debris traveling along with it to the same extent. An object in motion,tends to stay in motion. Unless acted apon buy an outside force.
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