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Message Subject Liberals are liberal, because they are IMMORAL people.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Nearly all differences between liberals and conservatives boil down to the fact that liberals either have no moral code to follow, or they know what is moral, but REFUSE to modify their behavior to conform with morality.

Furthermore, they DESPISE anyone else pointing out their immorality.

Conservatives like myself rarely, or in my case almost NEVER say anything untrue.

Liberals lie CONSTANTLY, and don't admit it's immoral, instead rationalizing it by saying "everyone lies".

Liberals are more likely to run stop signs and red lights, again saying "everyone does it".

Same with adultery ( " it's only sex " ), "everyone cheats at some point".

Conservatives are against abortion PRECISELY because killing a pre-born child is inherently immoral. no other reason is necessary. If something is immoral, don't do it !!

Coming to the USA illegally is IMMORAL, because 1. it is against our laws, and 2. you are CHEATING by jumping ahead of those following the rules to come here legally.

I know a lot of atheists.

ALL of them voted for Obama, yes ALL of them.

Ask yourself why that is.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1222180

How moral is it to make such sweeping generalizations?

As for liberals lying (I don't btw, but let's assume we "all" do), lol where are those WMD's for which more then 100.0000 innocent civilians died in Iraq? Where is the connection between Sadam and "Al Qaeda"?

And your family values argument is silly, read the following article for example (although from 2002);

[link to www.businessweek.com]

Arguing that the decline in marriage has tended to make men richer and women poorer, they find that states with rising divorce rates have seen a decline in support for Democrats among men and a marked rise in such support among women. The data also show that women become more likely to vote Democratic after a divorce and less likely after marriage.

This one is more recent;

[link to divorce.lovetoknow.com]

It shows clearly that there are significantly higher divorce rates in heavy republican states then in "liberal hellholes".

One other question, if killing unborn children (and life starts at inception) is inherently evil then are you arguing that your God (assuming you are a Christian) is evil? Or how do you interpret God ordering the slaughtering of the oldest sons in Egypt (obviously also aborted unborn since life obviously starts at conception and not at first breath like the Bible claims on multiple occasions)?

Overall I would say you are just ignorant...
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