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Message Subject New Chinese Aircraft Carriers: “Quantum Leaps” ahead of US carriers
Poster Handle Rinty
Post Content
This is quantum leaps above anything we even

have on the drawing board, way "outside the

box" here: better speed, larger capacity, much

more stable, 'Cat hull takes out the yaw... and

much, much more... [link to www.salem-news.com]
 Quoting: objective viewer

A Navy at this point is in the game nothing more than a dog and pony show.

They are floating targets and a nations complete fleet could be sunk in a hour.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3202564

The above is very true. Thank you, Anonymous.
China does not need a modern navy. The main reason for developing one is to counter one of their main internal problems: education. They are education so many of their population, and doing such a good job, that they must find work for them. A 'modern navy' serves this issue.

Note that the British navy does not want another carrier, admiralty says 'no use for another'. However the pols force it on the admiralty anyway as they have doled out all the contracts in return for votes. Same in US
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