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Message Subject How in the hell does a sonic boom implode smash windows 300 km's away ???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
At some point, enough energy will reach a climax of propagation as a sonic boom. The rest of the energy behind it pushes it further, until the energy available drops below the sonic boom threshold and deteriorates.

A pressure ratio of 2/1 will create a flow of air at the speed of sound and no faster. Which is why bottles full of high pressure do not depressurize instantly when released.

This means any pressure higher then 29.4 psi will not flow more, it will flow longer.

With pressure waves in the air it is similar.

The energy put into the atmosphere can only dissipate at a set rate. Excess energy can not pass the barrier and remains until spent pushing the shock wave.

Simply put, any pressure ratio higher then 2/1 will power the wave from behind. Increasing the range versus power ratio.
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